Duct split air conditioning is one of the most common air conditioning systems in the world and is widely used by manufacturers of residential, office and commercial buildings. This system is one of the most cost-effective and durable air conditioning systems, which includes an indoor unit and an outdoor unit that are connected by a copper pipe and will provide cooling and heating of the desired spaces. 


Low noise evaporator fans
Temperature range for different climates
Suitable dimensions for installation in Dropped ceiling space  
Ability to change the air intake valve
Static pressure 50 Pascals

equipped with starter box

Protection against sudden fluctuations and power outages

selected projects

BETAJA project in Tehran Iran

Bonyad Tavon Artesh

480 devices

GOLESTAN 2 project in Tehran Iran

Mr. Rigazadeh

66 devices

BARMAN project in Tehran Iran

Mr. SHanjarini

133 devices

MELODY PARK project in Tehran Iran

Mr. SHanjarini

200 devices

Residential project

Mr. Dehghan-Barkhordari

96 devices

Residential project

Mr. SHanjarini

20 devices

Residential project

Mr. Kazemi-Hashemi

112 devices

implemented projects

duct split

Mehr Asl awards and honors

MehrAsl Production Company was registered and inaugurated in 1990, relying on the experience of several decades of company managers with the aim of presenting new products with modern technology in the fields of air conditioning and industrial refrigeration. At present (2020), MehrAsl Production Company in terms of capacity, size Factories, variety and development of machinery and having a specialized workforce, is the largest company active in the field of ventilation and refrigeration in Iran.
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30 years of experience
Top Exporter of Iran Air Conditioning Industry in 2019

Accurate thermostat

Thermostats made by Mehr Asl Company with its special and unique design are responsible for the overall comfort of your living and working place with an accurate sense of ambient temperature.

Installation with engineering rules

Send on time

Due to the permanent inventory of the warehouse

Responsive warranty

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