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Air conditioning to achieve comfort has always been one of the basic needs of human beings.

Heat exchange methods are used to achieve the desired conditions of direct and indirect heating and cooling (by an interface carrier) of the space to achieve comfort conditions. Duct split air conditioning system with direct suction of ambient air and cooling or heating of existing air and Transfer to ambient air (by fan) is one of the safest and healthiest methods of air conditioning

Basic definition of duct split

split (Duct split air conditioner) is called duct split, which has more advantages than split, including less energy consumption and less power consumption of piping compressor due to having only one external unit (condensate unit) and…
To understand the method of operation, we need to interpret and explain the refrigeration cycle.


Definition of refrigeration cycle:

The first word of this system is the word cycle, which means to reach the point of origin, ie refrigerant. The whole purpose of this system is to recover the refrigerant for reuse in the system.

Refrigerant flow in the evaporator and suction of air and transfer of heat of sucked air from the environment to the coil containing the refrigerant. The human body is not able to store this cold and alcohol alone is not a strong refrigerant !!) and the transfer of this cold to the fan around the coil that the evaporator fan blows air into the channel to reach the desired environment At this stage, the refrigerant mission, which is the creation of cooling, is completed. From this stage onwards, the system is converting this exhaust vapor into the initial refrigerant, ie the starting point of the refrigeration cycle.

The refrigeration compressor of the refrigeration cycle sends very hot gas to the condenser by sucking steam from the refrigerant outlet of the evaporator and condensing the steam (such as rubbing both hands to generate heating). The gas is a cool temperature (roof or balcony temperature in summer !!!!) turns into a refrigerant. And the average used is the reduction (pressure) of the pressure flowing at a constant pressure in the evaporator.

Evaporator definition

ETYMOLOGY AND MORPHOLOGY The definition of evaporator is as follows:



As evidenced by the Latin etymology of the word evaporator, an evaporator is a device from which steam escapes.

Compressor definition

or press com
Someone or something do press a crowd or crowded condition together

The word PRESS means to compress. The act of compressing the steam leaving the evaporator to obtain the very hot gas entering the condenser.

Definition of condenser

Someone or something do DONS PUT ON TOGETHER

The root DONS means self-closing (putting) and placing the condenser that turns the hot gas condenser out of the compressor into a liquid according to the dry temperature of the environment with heat exchange.

expansion valve

The high pressure liquid pressure reduces the condenser outlet for evaporator use.
Creating a pressure difference between the high-pressure and low-pressure sides of the system, so that the refrigerant can evaporate under the operator's low-pressure conditions.



Having trouble calculating your device type?

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In general, determining the best solution to achieve air conditioning is a specialized and complex matter. To do this you need several items including location, location dimensions, desired temperature and….

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Duct split system design

The first step is to design the use of space according to the area and space of the wind (CFM)

Device location

The most important step in installing the device and the correct operation of the duct split air conditioning system is the location of the device, which the consultants and experienced engineers of payedar tahvieh caspian provide the best solution by providing technical and specialized solutions according to the conditions. First, on the map, they present the best place to place the air conditioner, and after attending the location, the location is finalized in the presence of the employer.


Air conditioner frame

To install the indoor unit of Duct Split, a frame is used. The frame is made of a 3 * 2 metal , which after installing the necessary infrastructure, is connected to the ceiling by welding. Then it is connected to the frame using screw number 8 or 10 of the air conditioner.


Hot water piping for heating in winter

Duct split seal has the original fabric hot water coil, which is installed on the machine in the factory and does not need to be purchased separately. To connect the hot water pipe to the air conditioner, the reciprocating hot water pipe (inlet hot water from the package or engine room) must be placed at a transverse distance of 20 cm from the front of the device and 20 cm high from under the frame in parallel with the device. 3/4 inches are then applied by connecting the hose from the pipe to the air conditioner. These hoses have two types of hoses and wicker. Wicker hoses have different types that are used in sanitary heating and refrigeration facilities.

Copper plumbing

The connection of the air conditioner to the condenser is made up to 30 meters vertically and a total of 50 meters of copper piping.

The return pipes of the copper pipe from the condenser to the air conditioner must be insulated.

To see how to bend copper pipe, refer to this link .

To view the catalog of Mehrasel copper pipe, refer to this link .

To view the catalog of Mehrasel copper pipe insulation, refer to this link .

In case of height difference between indoor unit and outdoor unit, one oil trap will be installed for every 6 meters. oil trap .

air intake

The return air, which causes the evaporator to evaporate, enters the air conditioner through the air intake. If there is no way for the air to enter the air conditioner, the return air duct must be installed.


Electrical cabling

power cable from miniature circuit breaker to condensor
Air conditioner control cable to the condenser
power cable from miniature circuit breaker to condensor
Telephone cable (10 pairs of telephones) thermostat to air conditioner



Prefabricated (polyurethane)